Favourite celebrity suit of the week July

David Beckham in a Double Breasted suit.celebrity bespoke suit july savile row london

Double breasted suits are back in fashion and David Beckham in the vanguard.  The style of this seasons double breasted suits is that the buttons should be rather higher than they were last time round.  The jacket is also cut fairly short.  The lapels are not so narrow as on the current single breasted jackets and jacket side pockets are straight with flaps. This can be a great look and  Mr. Beckham as always looks very good in a suit but this time the suit rather lets him down.    The problem when shorter jackets are in fashion  is that you see the fork of the trousers and as you can see in this photograph the fork is quite tricky to fit.  Double breasted suits in general are more difficult to fit as the balance has to be close to perfect to make them hang well but those trousers should be adjusted.   In this suit the sleeve head has been raised slightly giving good definition to the whole sleeve.  This is a good look on the rather more formal double breasted jacket and the suit looks good.  The cloth looks like a medium weight worsted fine wool which can be judged by the soft rolling creases at the top of the sleeve. The cut of a double breasted suits means  that there is smaller triangle to show the shirt and tie. Because of that it is a good idea to pay a lot of attention to both.  David Beckham has opted for a plain white shirt and plain blue tie.  With such a small area it means there is a lot of attention on what there is.  This is when a made to measure shirt that fits well around the neck is important, there isn’t much but what there is should be good. This is a plain white cotton shirt with a classic collar, a made to measure shirt in a nice quality 100% cotton like this would cost from £115. This style is available in our bespoke shirt range.

A suit in a similar blue grey cloth from Holland and Sherry’s Sloane Square range would cost £1400 for an entry level fused bespoke suit to £1700 for a for a floating canvas fully bespoke suit. To find out the difference between fused and floating canvases click here.

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