Savile Row – A Brief History


London’s Savile Row is world-renowned. It’s the place to go for stylish suits made by the most highly skilled craftsmen.

The long history of the street dates back to the first tailor making the choice to set up there in 1785.  The street name itself can be traced to Lady Dorothy Savile, the wife of the 3rd Earl of Burlington. Today the name Savile Row stands for tradition, style and sophistication.

The Beatles are also to thank for the street making its mark on the world. In 1969 they gave their iconic last live gig on the roof of number three, giving much attention to this sought after address.

Discerning visitors still flock from far and wide to have elegant suits handmade from the finest cloths, knowing with the name Savile Row they will be getting the best. It takes 100 hours or more to create a perfectly fitting suit of superb quality and craftsmanship. This is time well spent, as the cut and final finish is outstanding. For the young professional, there is nothing more desirable than a custom made suit that embodies the style, success and sophistication of Savile Row.

Although many of the original bespoke tailors have now moved away, or have started offering diffusion versions of their suits, Bryan Manning of Manning & Manning has remained loyal to tradition. Regarded as true bespoke tailor, you can still find me, by appointment at 31 Savile Row. With over 40 years’ experience, the exceptional quality of our work shines through. Try Manning & Manning and you will feel the difference.