It is the attention to detail that makes handmade Savile Row clothing stand out from the all others.



Manning & Manning make more than just gentlemen’s suits. Savile Row is widely known for finely crafted bespoke suits and so is Manning & Manning; it is how we made our name. We are tailors with a difference, and think style should be more affordable without compromising the quality. Manning & Manning make jackets, trousers, […]



Custom made shirtsManning & Manning carry a range of over 500 shirt patterns available in city or regular fit. Every shirt can be customised to fit your individual tastes and requirements.We have two distinctive styles that can be customised to create your perfect shirt:”STATESIDE”The Stateside shirt is based on the New York style of manufacture. […]

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Price Guide

At Manning & Manning the exceptional quality shines through. Once you have seen the pride we take in our clothing you will understand what we mean.We know how to keep our customers happy so our ranges can be made to fit whatever your need; it’s also important to us you get value from your purchases.All […]

Bespoke Suit Of The Year

At Manning and Manning we make such a variety of bespoke suits it becomes a difficult task to pick a favorite of the year. This year our decision was aided by the suit being worn for a memorable event that will last a life time. The suit of the year is this wonderful bespoke wedding […]

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Favourite celebrity bespoke suits of the week August

Double breasted suits are making one of their regular return to fashion and this week I have three suits to talk about. The first is being worn By Charles, Prince of Wales and shows why a double breasted suit only ever comes in and goes out of fashion rather than being a regular fixture. The […]

Favourite celebrity suits of the week July

The suits being worn by both Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper are outstanding not just for the fact they look good on them but because after watching the Murray Wimbledon final for hours their jackets look so uncreased and the pair of them look very cool and comfortable. If you expand Gerard Butler’s jacket you […]

Favourite celebrity suit of the week July

David Beckham in a Double Breasted suit. Double breasted suits are back in fashion and David Beckham in the vanguard.  The style of this seasons double breasted suits is that the buttons should be rather higher than they were last time round.  The jacket is also cut fairly short.  The lapels are not so narrow […]

Favourite celebrity suits of the week June

Here are photos of the two best James Bond.  Both were and are style icons, Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.  Daniel Craig’s clothes have sparked a 1950 revival.  I thought it might be interested to see how 1950’s differed from 2013 revival. In the early days of the James Bond series the actors had their […]

Favourite celebrity suit of the week May 2

He has a modern slim fitting suit which is clearly bespoke from the high armhole and narrow sleeves. It has slant side pockets with no flaps and a contrasting button on the one button front. So far the suit is reasonably fashionable but from all the pictures one sees of Benedict Cumberbatch it’s obvious that […]

Favourite celebrity suit of the week May 1

This is a fantastic example of a bespoke suit made in a very high quality cloth, it’s pluses and minuses. On the plus side, this is a beautiful looking cloth.  It is a super 160 or 180 very fine quality wool worsted.  Holland and Sherry have such a cloth.  It will feel marvelous against the […]

Favourite celebrity suit of the week

This is my favourite suit of the week.  Get full details of the cloth and how it was made. As always David Beckham looks great.  This looks very much like a grey pick and peck fabric. The pick and peck nature of the cloth can be seen if you enlarge the photo when you can […]