Q PROJECT – QZ Fabric for Suits


Prices: For a Bespoke entry level (Fused interlining) 2-piece suit: £1360 or for a Bespoke (floating canvas) 2-piece suit: £1850. The prices refer to an average size client for an average suit, check cloths may be a little more expensive.

Options: Fused or Floating option refer to the construction of the jacket. Please read our guide to discover the difference click here

Cloth: QZ features the best characteristics of suiting cloth used throughout Europe for decades. At 11/12oz, (340/360g.) weight this cloth is suitable for year round wear but might be a little warm on warm summer days.  It is an excellent cloth from a  tailoring point of view with and ability to resist creasing. Made with our unique Super 150s yarns which are specially spun to give volume and weight to the cloth. QZ has a superb luxury handle and drape, and performs amazingly.


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